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M2 Battle Sports Newberry Open Play Saturdays

  • When: Saturday, August 13, 2022,  4:45 pm
  • Location: 24880 NW 16th Ave, Newberry, FL
  • Cost: $20 plus tax

Open Play at 4:45pm and 7:45pm. Outdoor activities are a great option to stay safe and healthy during this time. M2Battlesports outdoor laser tag is dedicated to providing affordable and safe family fun to help you relax and enjoy time with your family and friends. We have private party options and open play on Saturdays. Social distancing is still in effect, even outside. The good thing is, our Newberry laser tag field is located on 17 acres of a shaded, Florida pine forest. It will be easier to have fun with friends and locals while remaining appropriately distanced. In between each game, we’ve given our staff extra time to sanitize equipment properly to stop the spread of germs.

M2 Newberry is located at the Easton Newberry Sports Complex. Enter the facility, stay to the right, and follow the signs to our check in area near the water tower.