At Home Fun

This page lists kids activities provided by local businesses that can be done at home in the Gainesville, Florida area. Listings include online resources and programs, mobile services, activity kits, and more.
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Alachua County Library Sensory Toys Checkout

Sensory toys engage a child's cognitive and physical attention by stimulating their senses. These se ...

Alachua County Library STEM Kits

The Library District's STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) kits encourage scien ...

Broccoli Boxes

Tired of searching for activities that will engage and challenge your kids? At Broccoli Boxes, we do ...

City of Gainesville Book a Curiosity Crate

Book a Curiosity Crate, a mind-nificent addition! The City of Gainesville’s Nature Operation Divi ...

Harn at Home

Get creative with lesson plans and instructional videos for artists of all age with Harn at Home!

Home Depot Kids Workshop Kit Pack

Kids workshop kit pack includes kit, certificate, pin and apron. This pre-cut wooden kit instills a ...

Local Home Depot locations
Pinspiration Take Home Craft Kits

Want to be home AND be a little bit creative? We have the perfect thing! Try one of our take-home c ...

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