4h photo scavenger hunt.png

Virtual 4-H Photography Scavenger Hunt

  • When: Wednesday, April 1, 2020 - All Day Event
  • Location: Facebook
  • Cost: free

For this year's project, we'll be introducing a new photo challenge each day for 30 days starting March 21st, 2020.

Instead of focusing on photography tips, we'll be focusing on a different 4-H project or life skill. This will give everyone a chance to learn just a little bit about 30 different topics!

We will be sharing a new virtual resource every day to go along with each photo challenge. We encourage parents and siblings to get involved to help with activities as needed!

Just like before, we'll use the hashtag #alachua4hphotos to track the scavenger hunt, and we want you to use it on each of your photos!

To be considered a fully completed 4-H project, youth should complete at least 12 of the photo challenges. We'd love to get lots of great photography 4-H Project Books on July 1st from 4-Hers who complete this project!

All activities and resources are completely free and can be completed using resources you probably already have at home. If you are missing some materials, feel free to get creative and improvise!

Although all of the photo challenges and activity resources will be posted each day over the next 30 days, you've got much longer than that to complete the project! We'd love to see your progress along the way using the hashtag on Facebook or Instagram, but what we'd really love is to see 4-H Photography Project Books turned in on July 1st! So, from March 21st-July 1st, 2020, you can select 12 or more photo challenges to do to complete this project!