Kirby Family Farm Six Gun Territory Wild West Weekend

  • When: Saturday, April 17, 2021, 10:00 am -  4:00 pm
  • Location: Kirby Farm: 19630 NE 30th Street, Williston, Florida 32696
  • Cost: Admission is FREE. Parking is $20/car

Y'all watch out, The Shadow Riders gang still ain't learned a thing and they's is still holdin' up in the backwoods of the Kirby Family Farm trying to rob all they can from that there train! Them varmints come into town every chance they get to stir up some trouble too. Don't you worry though cause The Six Gun Original Gunfighters will be there to run them back outta town. Oh, and if that ain't troublin' enuf' for ya, we got us a whole band of Outlaws and Lawdogs having a whole 'nuther showdown out in the woods at a little place called BloomTown and we hear it's pretty ugly! Don't believe us? Then hop on that there fancy wagon and see for yerself! If you make it out of those woods alive you better sneak out real easy 'cuz the only way out is right thru Indian country! Your gonna really enjoy all the live entertainment led by the World famous ladies of the Palace Saloon, performing the original Palace dances! Another thing, if'in' you think'in you got a fast hand, then try your luck at the fast draw competition.

Come ride the Kirby's REAL historic railroad, but know them train robbers are always up to no good! There'll be plenty of Wild West fun. Also a very special reunion of Gunfighters, Can Can Girls, and more cast members from the Original Six Gun Territory! There'll even be stuff on display from Six Gun. You can meet your childhood heroes and get pictures, hear stories, and all! Bring you some chairs, popup tent, and have a good time! This is a family event, so won't be no Moonshine or bacco’ allowed ya' hear!? Come on out and have a great time

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  • Category: Family Fun