Gainesville Community Playhouse Virtual Auditions for Fun House

  • When: Tuesday, February 23, 2021 - All Day Event
  • Location: virtual
  • Cost: free

We are excited to announce Virtual Auditions for our next Musical - Fun Home. Due to COVID-19, we are hosting all auditions virtually. Casting for children's roles as well as adults

Cast Information:
ALISON – 43 years old, a cartoonist (Range: E3-D5)
MEDIUM ALISON – 19 years old, a college freshman (Range: G3-E5)
SMALL ALISON – around 9 years old (Range: A3-E5)
BRUCE BECHDEL – Alison’s father (Range: A2-G4)
HELEN BECHDEL – Alison’s mother (Range: A3-E5)
CHRISTIAN BECHDEL – Alison’s brother, around 10 years old (Range: C#4-D5)
JOHN BECHDEL – Alison’s brother, around 6 years old (Range: C#4-E5)
ROY – a young man Bruce hires to do yard work (Range: G3-A4 (opt. D#5))
MARK – a high school junior
JOAN – a college student (Range: G3-G4)
PETE – a mourner
BOBBY JEREMY AND THE SUSAN DEYS – imaginary television characters

The roles of Roy, Mark, Pete, and Bobby Jeremy are performed by the same actor.
The Susan Deys are played by the actors playing Medium Alison and Joan.