Star Center Theatre Polar Express Audition Workshop and Auditions

  • When: Saturday, October 3, 2020, 10:00 am - 12:30 pm
  • Location: Star Center Theatre: 11 NE 23rd Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32609
  • Cost: free

Youth: Ages 7-15. Workshop will teach techniques for auditioning. What to prepare, how to prepare and how to deal with audition nerves. Workshop will last about 45 minutes and auditions for The Polar Express will begin.

What to prepare:
A short song (we will not be singing entire songs-Learn a short verse or Chorus for the audition. Sing a Christmas Song, if you know one.
Learn the following introduction: My name is (insert name), and I am auditioning for the role of (insert character).

Roles Open For Auditions:

Sarah Keller: Younger Sister to Chris
Chris Keller: Sarah’s doubting Brother (the boy who doesn’t BELIEVE)
Deborah and Barbara Johnson: Twin Sisters- Both are “know it all’s” and Passengers on The Polar Express
Becky Thompson: Noble, Caring, Passenger on The Polar Express
Billy Smith: Boy from the “other side of the tracks”, Poor, Shy and Quiet, Passenger on The Polar Express
Elf One (Gumdrop):
Elf Two (Snowball):