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Global Mixed Martial Arts Academy Free Family Self Defense Class

  • When: Tuesday, February 13, 2018,  4:30 pm -  5:30 pm
  • Location: Global Mixed Martial Arts Academy, 4000 W Newberry Rd Suite F Gainesville, Florida 32601
  • Cost: free

Join us at Mat Life Foundation for our weekly Family Self Defense community class. This class is free and open to ages 5+. (Younger ones are welcome to hang out during class.)

Why a free family class twice a week? Mat Life's mission is to empower people and restore community through martial arts and wellness experiences. We unfortunately live in a world where practical self defense is needed. We want you to be prepared for real-life scenarios that may endanger you or your children.

All techniques taught in these classes are effective for street and realistic self defense scenarios. Instruction is overseen by Sensei Jason Cardenas Dodd of Global Mixed Martial Arts Academy.

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  • Contact Phone: 352-371-1007
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