March Family Volunteering Focus

Jungle Friends

March Madness for Monkeys! Join us as we help celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Jungle Friends, a local Gainesville primate sanctuary off State Road 121. Jungle Friends, 501(c)3 non profit offers a permanent sanctuary for New World Moneys. These are retired from lab research, ex pets, or have been taken by authorities. They support over 300 monkeys and are committed to education and advocacy of all captive non human primates. Come volunteer individually or as a group and take a tour of the sanctuary and see the monkeys after your shift.

How Can You Help? Become a volunteer (groups of up to 10 and children must be with a parent). Email; sponsor a monkey; gifts for monkeys; Become a Birthday Buddy and get paired with a monkey. Email

Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary: 13915 N. State Road 121, Gainesville, FL 32653 ( )
FB and Instagram Jungle Friends Pet Sanctuary | Twitter @junglefriends

A Very Good Deed

For ideas of how to give back, volunteer, and pay it forward with your kids, check out A Very Good Deed at or or 352-587-2043 A Very Good Deed's mission is to initiate a movement of consistent, age appropriate, and engaging volunteer opportunities for busy parents that desire for their families to have hands on involvement and awareness of local, national and global social issues. Participating in AVGD initiatives will plant seeds of kindness that will cultivate the hearts of children to be better siblings, friends, and citizens today, tomorrow and beyond.

Community Partners

Contact us at to learn how you can become a community partner.