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Aside from being the coolest app ever, Bambino is a community of local sitters who are recommended by your friends and neighbors. Parents can find, book, and pay sitters straight through the app. And for sitters, Bambino is an opportunity to establish yourself as a trusted and well respected member of the’s also a great place to make some extra money!

Remember how you got your babysitter last time? Well, do that, except do it much faster with the help of Bambino! We aren’t trying to change things all that much, we are just trying to make it much easier for you.

Login to the Bambino App with your cell phone number. You will receive a text message with a unique 6 digit code to verify your account.
Agree to connect your Facebook account with your Bambino account to see babysitters your friends have used...and recommended, and you won’t even have to bother them with a call!
Pick several you are interested in, and we'll text them to check their availability. Once they confirm their availability, you can book them straight through the app. Yup, no need to play the texting waiting game while you try one sitter after another, we do it all at once.
Enjoy that night out you have been meaning to take while your Bambino sitter watches the kids.
When the night ends, the app handles all the payment details and you can submit your own review to help out your friends and neighbors. It’s that simple!
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