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French Fun Food & Foreign Languages

French Fun Food & Foreign Languages

Win-Win-Wednesdays: Spanish Special 2:30-3:10. WIN $60 for Zoom classes, school year, summer, spring or winter holidays. Entrants (adults) can call 352 332-8198 or email with phone number, student's/child’s name, age, grade, and school. The winner is required to pay $20 registration fee good for one calendar year. Enter once a week. A winner will be chosen at random every Sunday until the offer is closed at our discretion. Winners are not eligible to re-enter.

Welcome to the realm of Foreign Language Education where FUN and FOOD are an integral part of the program for Children, Teens & Adults! ZOOM classes online for all Elementary, Middle and High School students from the comfort of your home with songs, games, drama etc. in an age-appropriate curriculum in French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Italian & Tamil, in collaboration with native speakers/ teachers/ linguists, and research-based, École Française Methodology. Enjoy your rewards like croissant, crêpe, tartine, chocolat, bonbons & prizes in person following social distancing guidelines. We also offer Private lessons and tutoring in person and/or via Skype, Zoom and FaceTime at your Home!
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