Florida Goat Snuggle & Walk: Newborn Baby Goats

  • When: Saturday, March 6, 2021, 10:00 am - 11:40 am
  • Location: 12th Lane Bronson, Florida
  • Cost: Goat Snugge: $25 per person | Goat Walk: $25 per person

At our southern Farm we will host goat snuggles and field walks with our nannies with our newborn baby goat kids. This is a great agricultural-educational experience! We will continue to offer our popular event called "Goat Snuggle & Groom" It's a 40 min session includes seated mat time to pet and snuggle with our baby fainting goat "kids" while you feed goat treats to the nannies, ask questions, and learn more about the goats care, health, and life on the farm. The goat kids will be just a week old and the mothers (nannies) will join the class with us. Please wear clothes and shoes you don't mind getting dirty. And bring a towel for sitting on.

During the goat field walk we will stroll along the fields with our nannie goats and baby goat kids as they jump around. Fun for families and friends, ages 4+ welcome. We will provide goat treats to each participant and teach you more about goats and life on the farm. The walk will be about 40 mins and we'll be doing a little under a mile round-trip on sandy/grass terrain. We'll be going at "goat" speed, meaning we will be fast, then slow, zigzag, then stop, etc.

Advanced Registration Only. Rain will cancel this event. Goat treats provided.